Dear Members,
At the outset, I thank EC members and all MLAM members for electing me for the post of General Secretary of our prestigious association. It is my privilege and honour to work for the Medico Legal Association of Maharashtra as its General Secretary. I seek the blessings and cooperation of all senior members/EC members in taking our association to greater heights. Our new President Dr. K.D. Chavan has stimulated us to prepare for the new challenges.

In past three decades our association has witnessed that medicolegal aspects of health care have moved on from a relatively new specialty to the place to be!! Information, tools and techniques are flowing in at such a fast pace today, that even to master a small area of defined work one needs to be really dedicated and work as a team.

In the last ten years, so much has changed in our professional world of forensic medicine that it is not difficult to comprehend that something phenomenal is happening almost on daily basis. This phase of rapid evolution, provides us endless opportunities to learn, experience and share.

In its purest form, I would say a medico legal expert, is one who is trained and committed to handle medicolegal issues in health care. This person could be performing medicolegal autopsies, examining patients for various clinical forensic entities or may be shouldering administrative responsibilities at various levels in the place and institution he is working for. Whether this person is an MD in Forensic Medicine or DFM holder, weather he is Head of the department or a first year resident doctor perusing his post-graduation, weather he is the Dean of the institution or Medical Superintendent of the hospital; does not matter, it is essential that the individual is committed to progressive application of his medicolegal knowledge in his area of work and committed to that alone.

For us at the, Medico Legal Association of Maharashtra (MLAM) the work is cut out. We have to work every day to ensure that all available knowledge is used to deliver the best medicolegal care to the needy ones. To make this possible, we need to join hands and take questions and answers to and from the real frontiers. In this process we would contribute to the advancement of science as well. We must connect on each and every medico legal platform like IAFM etc. and use the power of the virtual world in true sense.

Dr. Ajay A Taware
(General Secretary)